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If you are reading this, it is very likely you have a track record of success in your life and have achieved incredible success in the eyes of others. You are a problem solver and a master at making the impossible happen whilst motivating and inspiring those around you. 

What most people do not see, however, is that despite the courage to do what you’ve done, you’ve lacked self-confidence, doubted yourself and had many occasions when you felt or still feel like a fraud or imposter.

You know this pattern of thinking has held you back. 

You want your life to be meaningful and have a positive impact on others! You are naturally curious and question almost everything. The dark side of this is that at times, you often have many options in front of you and you can feel paralysed and distracted by those options.  

When you are passionate about something, you are all in!

If this sounds familiar, read on.

I know from my own experience anything is possible, we can all change and create amazing things!  Coaching changed my life!

I have a track record of reinventing myself and creating success across several ‘careers’ including launching and scaling early stage tech and marketing businesses, growing revenue in one of them by over 1000%. Helping business leaders and startup founders, realign their business to improve performance and secure millions of pounds in new business sales or investment for their businesses. 

Since 2013, I have coached over three hundred and fifty outstanding clients.  Although the backgrounds, roles and industries of those individuals varied considerably - including serial entrepreneurs, lawyers, business leaders, start-up founders, venture investors, artists, authors, public servants, armed forces . . . the root of many of the challenges and obstacles they faced in their lives and the things holding them back from creating the life they desired, were similar and wrapped up in thoughts and beliefs that were outdated and originated in the past. 

The new insights, understanding and tiniest of shifts in perspective about the past and the future that emerged from coaching with me have led to significant life-changing actions and momentum.

As my clients have stepped into their new beginnings, focused on creating an alternative future, I have seen them go from 'facing their life' to 'creating their life!'  I have seen some win accolades and be recognised globally as ‘inspirational leaders’ and ‘ones to watch’ whilst for others, their companies have achieved great commercial success and their personal lives have flourished.

A particular highlight of my own, was  launching a successful international art magazine, dedicated to showcasing the brilliant talent and work of young artists and creatives from across the world.

One of my strengths that served me very well at that time, was unshakable self-belief when many others said it was impossible for the project to succeed. 

One of your strengths is that you are intuitive and trust your gut feeling. You're also committed to trust, nurture and support the development of those around you. 

The dark side of this can mean that occasionally, you can be naive and taken advantage of and even be screwed over by others when you put others before yourself. Underneath, you do still trust yourself!  

So what does your gut tell you now?

These days I am a coach, to people like you.



Clients choose to work with me for many different reasons.


No one has his ability to manage you through change. His experience/wisdom aside, it's his ability to discover and nurture what is within you in order to help you move forward, is what makes him special. One of the best decisions of my life was to have him coach me. Thank you Shawn

Adrian. Brand Director, International Keynote Speaker, Culture & Inclusion Champion

Shawn is an amazing business development coach. His passion for the work shines through, and he is able to ask those incisive questions that make you reflect productively, draw links and work out the action that is necessary to take things forward.  Every session has had huge impact for me, and I come away with renewed energy, enthusiasm and clarity.

Miriam. Consultant Clinical Psychologist / Director.

Shawn was incredibly helpful with understanding the myriad of different challenges that come with starting up a business, and extremely influential in helping myself and my co-founder to succeed and move our company forwards.

Jemma. Founder & Director School Space.



Tel: +44 (0)7815 760832