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I help start-up founders, entrepreneurs and businesses achieve their potential!

Working across a range of sectors within the dynamic startup sector in London and Mumbai, my clients are smart, highly respected and award winning entrepreneurs, business founders, leaders and investors.   For them, one to one coaching is a valuable tool that helps them achieve and maintain their performance as outstanding individuals and business leaders, enabling them to deliver success and achieve their goals within both their business and personal life.



Clients choose to work with me for many different reasons.  Browse the comments below to get a sense of how I could help you.


No one has his ability to manage you through change. His experience/wisdom aside, it's his ability to discover and nurture what is within you in order to help you move forward, is what makes him special. One of the best decisions of my life was to have him coach me. Thank you Shawn

Adrian. Brand Director, International Keynote Speaker, Culture & Inclusion Champion

Shawn is an amazing business development coach. His passion for the work shines through, and he is able to ask those incisive questions that make you reflect productively, draw links and work out the action that is necessary to take things forward. We have mixed more personal content that has given me a greater sense of my personal goals and drivers, with very business focused aspects that are much more practical. Every session has had huge impact for me, and I come away with renewed energy, enthusiasm and clarity.

Miriam. Consultant Clinical Psychologist / Director.

Shawn was incredibly helpful with understanding the myriad of different challenges that come with starting up a business, and extremely influential in helping myself and my co-founder to succeed and move our company forwards.

Jemma. Founder & Director School Space.


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My clients can see very quickly that my commitment to them is 100%.  My methodology is deep coaching. It is bespoke for each client and is not time-based.

You can deliver your very best - with no limits and whether that is embracing your role as a leader or overcoming internal struggles or perhaps specific business challenges, my sole focus is on helping you create the successful business you’ve imagined.

If you are reading this after a recommendation, you'll already know that I work with brilliant founders and leaders within businesses that have the potential to make an impact. They may be experiencing the constant demands and challenges that can go hand in hand with transitioning into leadership and building a team whilst creating and scaling a successful business.

Motivators for us to have a conversation may include:

  • You have a strong commitment to continuous leadership development and personal growth.

  • You want to uplift the mindset and performance of your team.

  • Behaviours / relationship (with co-founder, team, investors) are hurting your business.

  • You are dealing with increasing / changing pressures and expectations.

  • You are stressed, tired and your leadership of the business is impacting on health.

  • You have difficulty thinking clearly / cutting through the bullshit.

  • You can't hake off the impostor syndrome or are suffering a loss of confidence / doubts.

  • The business situation not what you thought it would be.

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Stepping up a gear? 
A powerful and easy to implement coaching framework and set of tools to build clarity around a vision and drive an uplift in the performance of you, your team and your company to make it happen.

The flexible 'Coaching Workshop' will equip the leadership team with powerful tools and life long coaching skills to enable them to effectively adopt an effective 'Coaching style approach to their leadership'.

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I am a versatile and successful leader with startup launch and business growth experience.

Whether launching a new product or service or needing to review and update the sales strategy or building out a successful sales function, I can work with you to develop the skills and capabilities of your team and identify the opportunities moving forward to achieve your goals and transform your business.

Do you need the support of an experienced and versatile sales and commercial director to add immediate value to your business success or growth ambitions?  Would expertise in the following areas help you?

  • Identifying new commercial opportunities and managing marketing efforts.

  • Strategies for attracting and retaining clients.

  • Setting up scalable systems and processes for successful sales and service delivery.

  • Entrepreneurial mindset and great leadership skills.

  • Creative strategist able to promote and expand effective commercial activity that will lead to sustainable growth.

  • Individual and company performance: Developing winning mindset and uplifting team capabilities and skills.



My work life began as a qualified avionic engineer on military jets. I then stumbled into managing sales teams, finally chose to study photography and art history and over the last twenty years, have developed an expertise for creating and implementing successful strategies for growing a business, marketing, sales and business development.

I now confidently describe myself as an entrepreneur and business founder who has launched multiple businesses and I am thankful and fortunate to have been helped, supported and guided by many kind and amazing people along the way!

Throughout my journey, I have overcome a wide range of challenges and experienced many successes that I am immensely proud of.  I have also experienced valuable and painful lessons that impacted on both my business and personal life.

What has been common throughout my life is an enjoyment and love of working with amazing people who have also inspired me with their passion, kindness and limitless ambitions.

As some of my teachers did with me, I've always believed that huge potential exists within everyone and I am fortunate that through my coaching, I have been able to help many people release their own potential and change the direction of their lives and the lives of those around them.




Tel: +44 (0)7815 760832