I believe my clients are only scratching the surface of the impact they can have - no matter how successful they are!

I work with them to deliver insights that shift their mindset and perspective of who they are, what they are capable of and the unlimited possibilities that exist before them.

If you are reading this, it is very likely that you are thinking about your future and you want to do more.

  • You want your life to have a positive impact on others

  • You are a creative problem solver and a doer. You know what it’s like to put your neck on the line, follow your intuition, start new businesses and take on difficult leadership and business challenges!

  • You are no stranger to risk and commitment

  • You have a lot going on in your life and the one valuable commodity you are always short of is time

  • You have a track record of success in your life and have achieved incredible success in the eyes of others

  • You know how to make the impossible, possible!

You also know from experience that the downside of your commitment and success is the significant impact on your relationships, health and overall well-being. Has juggling guilt, stress, sacrifice, loss, occasional doubts and fears, been a constant part of your journey?

​Despite the courage and ability to do what you’ve done, you still have moments where your self-confidence deserts you or you feel like an impostor?  

Q. Sound familiar?​

Now, as the world contemplates the future, you might be reflecting on what your future life could look like or be thinking about a new challenge or goal?

You might be confused or unclear about your direction and goals or what you need to be doing right now to move forward. 


​I know from experience that the past does not have to define the future and that it is possible to imagine and create an amazing future!  

Over many years, confidence has always been an issue but I have repeatedly taken on new challenges, overcome obstacles large and small in order to create success across those ‘careers’.

I have launched and scaled early-stage tech and marketing businesses - growing revenue in one by over 1000% in 3 years, I've helped inspiring business leaders and startup founders, realign their business to improve performance and secure millions of pounds in new business sales or investment for their businesses.   I am still a work in progress!

My clients are outstanding individuals and include inspirational entrepreneurs and start-up founders, lawyers, business leaders, investors, artists, authors, public servants, armed forces.

Between them, they have won accolades and recognition for inspiring others, for being ‘inspirational business leaders’.  They have created successful new businesses and guided their companies to great commercial success.  Their lives have flourished.

I am told a strength that serves me very well is my unshakeable belief in my clients and in the potential of others.

These days I am a coach, to people like you.

If you are interested in a brief conversation to explore the possibilities for your future life, book a free call.



Clients choose to work with me for many different reasons.


No one has his ability to manage you through change. His experience/wisdom aside, it's his ability to discover and nurture what is within you in order to help you move forward, is what makes him special. One of the best decisions of my life was to have him coach me. Thank you Shawn

Adrian. Brand Director, International Keynote Speaker, Culture & Inclusion Champion

Shawn is an amazing business development coach. His passion for the work shines through, and he is able to ask those incisive questions that make you reflect productively, draw links and work out the action that is necessary to take things forward.  Every session has had huge impact for me, and I come away with renewed energy, enthusiasm and clarity.

Miriam. Consultant Clinical Psychologist / Director.

Shawn was incredibly helpful with understanding the myriad of different challenges that come with starting up a business, and extremely influential in helping myself and my co-founder to succeed and move our company forwards.

Jemma. Founder & Director School Space.




Tel: +44 (0)7815 760832


Tel: +44 (0)7815 760832

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